White Star Capital Digital Asset Fund - announcing our investment in Liquality

Bringing cross-chain functionality to self-custodial wallets

Time and time again, the digital asset team at White Star is continuously impressed by the level, and frequency of innovation helping to migrate Web2 to Web3. The most high profile of which has been the proliferation of novel decentralized automated market maker standards created in DeFi and the sheer exponential popularity of NFTs with artists, creators, and collectors in the broader art & collectibles world. The mutual core attribute between these and other decentralized applications is the self-custodial wallets they connect to.

Today’s web3 wallets of choice have historically been inconsistent, lack innovation, and, more importantly, lack cross-chain functionality.

This is why we are thrilled to back Simon, Thessy, and the team building Liquality. Liquality is building tools that allow all peers to interact with the decentralized economy in the most secure, easy, and accessible way. Liquality is building a single interface to crypto and the decentralized web. A multi-blockchain user-owned crypto wallet that allows users to interact with any cryptocurrency asset and application.

The wallet is connected to Liquality’s cross-chain liquidity network, which allows users to exchange between crypto assets living in different blockchains without the need for a trusted third party.

Liquality’s team brings experience from the financial and tech industries, from the likes of Fortress, McKinsey, Blackrock, SkyScanner, and Warner Music. The team is co-led by the two co-founders, Simon Lapscher and Thessy Mehrain, both of whom impressed us with their backgrounds, assessment of the market, the pace of shipping, and ability to lead their team.

Our co-investors in this $7m round include Hashed, Galaxy Digital, Accomplice, Collider, Jump, Coinbase, Volt, The LAO, and other funds and angels.

Download the Liquality Wallet and swap today!

Liquality is also hiring for several positions, and is always looking for talented, mission-driven humans who are interested in building with them! Reach out if you're interested!